User Manual for LEDISSIMO Smart Light

1. Bluetooth settings

Bluetooth is the protocol to use for controlling your smart lighting elements. This operation can be done either with:

  • a LEDISSIMO remote controller, or
  • your smart device (smart phone or tablet)

In both cases, the remote controller or the smart device must be within a 30-meter range from the closest LEDISSIMO smart lamp. Thanks to the "mesh" technology, if only a single lamp is within that 30-meter range, that lamp will relay the signal to all the other lamps within it's reach of 20 meteres and those lamps will act in the same way as a cascade.

When using a smart device, make sure the Bluetooth function on your smart device is up and running.

2. Downloading the APP

In order to control the LEDISSIMO Bluetooth Smart Lights, you need the LEDISSIMO APP. The LEDISSIMO APP can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS smart devices.

So you need to seek this name: "LEDISSIMO".


  • iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.3 or later
  • Firmware versions: Android:v1.1.25;IOS: v1.

A. Click this link

B. Alternatively, you may just want to scan the LEDISSIMO APP QR code from here:

Ledissimo app download QR code

3. Adding/Removing Smart Lights:

  • Open"LEDISSIMO" app.

  • Make sure your Bluetooth connection is on


  • Your smart lights will show up (All Devices)

  • You can group lights together by clicking on (Add Group) + sign and using the Manage button, you can add  further lights to the group.


4. Control

By tapping PALETTE, you can control the color and light intensity of your lamp(s). The INTERACTIONS tab offers other extra functions like timing, light effects, music control.


5. Resetting

In order to get back to factory settings:

  1. Switch OFF the lamp for 30 seconds

  2. Switch ON the lamp for 2 seconds

  3. Switch OFF the lamp for 3 seconds

  4. Switch ON the lamp for 2 seconds

  5. Switch OFF the lamp for 3 seconds

  6. Switch ON the lamp for 8 seconds

  7. Switch OFF the lamp for 3 seconds

  8. Switch ON the lamp

The lamp will start blinking with white light. Resetting completed.